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Ahhh, Halloween…the night that all of the little ghosts and ghouls flitter around and haunt the streets. Its the night that all little children dream about – hoarding their treasure (a.k.a. candy) close to their chests as they scurry anxiously home ready to devour their delicious haul.  Its a scene repeated in cities large and small across the country.

But first, before the trick-or-treating there is always an intense discussion as the child decides upon the perfect costume.  Should it be scary? Should it be cute? (Now there’s the difference between boys and girls!). Who is the favourite superhero today? Or tv character? Some kids start this discussion as they munch on the candy they just collected.

But not in our house this year. Our six-year-old was adament that he wasn’t going trick-or treating. When pushed, he would concede, “well, maybe I’ll think about it later”. This was an odd turn of events! What could have happened?

Well, it seems his first-grade teacher had told the class about a horrifying incident that had occurred when she was a child trick-or-treating.  A crazy lady shot the ear of boy in her group.  We could see this haunting our poor little boy. No matter how we reassured him that Mom and Dad would be there to protect him, he just wouldn’t budge.

What a crazy scene it must have been as we stood in the store practically pushing him to pick a costume. Parents passed us looking in amazement. Wasn’t this scene flip-flopped? What absolute relief when he ‘settled’ on a pirate costume. Tonight he’ll be the cutest Captain Jack Sparrow on the planet!

The only haunting that will be going on in our son’s life tonight will be eager young children as they prowl the treats!


Worth Waiting For!

Finally, at long last I made it to the scrapbooking show. As I pulled into the parking lot my heart raced with anticipation. I was able to control myself from flying into a complete frenzy by circling the parking lot again, and again and again as I scoured it, looking for a parking space. At long last, a space!

As we headed into the show (did I mention that my 6-year-old son, also a scrapbooker went with me?) we were immediately struck by one thing. NOBODY leaving was smiling.  “Oh, no!”, I thought. “Have I been mislead? Is this going to turn into a disaster?”

Inside we were met with the sights and sounds  sure to make the heart of any true scrapbooker skip a beat.  The only problem? So much stuff and so little money! As most who participate in the hobby know, scrapbooking can be very expensive. I was so pleased to see not only were there prices good but there were great bargains to be had everywhere.

“I won’t buy anything until I’ve looked around first,” I told myself. Well, that resolve fell by the wayside at the very first booth I stopped at.  A scrapbook for $5.00?  Not an ugly scrapbook but a really pretty cover including a space for a picture to be included. Oh my! I had to have one!

We shopped and shopped and shopped. My son, had great fun looking at all of the ‘doo dads’ to add to his pages.  And we admired the completed pages up at all of the booths as inspiration. However, at one point Christopher looked a nice lady running a booth and said “You stole my idea!” When she asked what he meant, he explained that the use of a semi-circle on the side of a page was his idea, and trying to soften his ‘strong words’ he added, “Well, maybe you didn’t steal it. But someone here did!” The two of them then had a very pleasant conversation about scrapbooking. Guess its not often that a 6-year-old is willing to share his scrapbooking design secrets!

At the end of the day (read end of the money) we trudged out to the car, weighted down with our bags filled with treasures.  Smiles on our faces we wondered aloud, ” So when is the next show? We can’t possibly wait a whole year!”

Patience is overrated!

The anticipation today is killing me. I can’t stand it! Its like being a kid at Christmas all over again.  I can feel the excitement bouncing all around me. The sights. The smells. The sounds. And its all only hours away. Tick tock. The clock tocks and ticks as though to mock me, tocking and ticking to go in reverse. The tension in my body mounts until I think I’m screaming. But wait, that’s only the voice inside of my head. (I can’t let others know I hear voices inside of my head. They might think I’m insane!)

But maybe I am insane? Could that be possible? Could I be losing my grip on reality? Two more hours to wait. The waiting is sending me right over the edge. My tenuous grip on reality is slipping away.  When will the scrapbooking show start?

“I am not crazy” I tell myself. ” I am NOT crazy” I repeat trying to convince myself. And then the little voice speaks to me again, loudly reverberating in my head, “Yes you are. You’re a scrapbooker!”

Check back later today for part two…….the saga continues!

Once Upon A Time Versus The Internet

Close your eyes and listen  closely and you’ll  hear the idyllic voice softly reading the words “Once upon a time…” and, you know the rest. The handsome prince rescues (again) the damsel in distress.  After which the handsome prince and beautiful princess  live happily ever after, of course.  

That’s the formula that most childhood stories were made of. Its a great model destined to make for a very happy ending. So, where’s your prince, or princess? Haven’t found them yet?  Why not, don’t believe in fairy tales you say?

Hmmmm……………….seems to me that lots of people still do! And they aren’t looking in the top of the highest tower for their happiness.  So, where are they looking? The internet. Duh!

Come on, just look at the proliferation of internet dating sites such as eHarmony, for example. You can find your ‘true love’ by simply logging on. Only thing is sometimes internet dating is about as much fantasy as your favourite fairytale. Try reading between the lines in almost any chatroom or IM conversation. It goes something like this:

Miles, our 29-year-old dashing hero with blonde hair and blue eyes (aka Norman, a 15-year-old geek) : Yes, I’m independent. No woman has been able to tame me yet! But I’d let you try, chuckle, chuckle.”

Translation: I can’t get a date and my mother won’t let me stay out after 8:30 p.m.

Bambi, also 29, our princess, also with blonde hair and blue eyes (after all, doesn’t everyone online have blonde hair and blue eyes???), waiting to be rescued (aka Myrtle, a 49-year-old who doesn’t wear her age well at all, divorced mother of 3 teenagers) : “Giggle, giggle. Well, I’m just the woman to do it! No man has been able to resist me. I don’t have to work so I have plenty of time to spend with you!”

Translation: No man has ever been able to resist my nagging. I live off of my ex-husband and don’t work which gives me all the time in the world to nag you and get into all of your business.

Wow, depressing huh? So, does that mean that there is NO hope????? Of course not! Sometimes fairy tales do come true!  After all, I found my Prince Charming!

[Music begins to play softly in the background, as I ride off on the back of a beautiful stallion, hugging my Prince, waving, as my long blonde hair (and yes, blue eyes!!) flows gracefully in the wind.]

“May all of your wishes come true!” (just be careful what you wish for!!)

In the Pink

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Which defines your design work? Colour or mood? Hard to tell sometimes isn’t it?

Don’t you just love how you can affect the feeling of a whole design piece through the subtle use of colour?   Just using a different shade of pink, for example, can feed the emotions of the viewer. A deeper shade, closer to red will have one impact while a softer, cotton candy pink will elicit a completely different emotion.

Wow, now just think how easy it is to take a dark and gloomy day and colour it pink! Simple little things like the choice of clothing. A picture you put on your desk. Amazing really. What colour will you colour your world today?

Now think about how font plays into that…but that’s for another day!