Once Upon A Time Versus The Internet

Close your eyes and listen  closely and you’ll  hear the idyllic voice softly reading the words “Once upon a time…” and, you know the rest. The handsome prince rescues (again) the damsel in distress.  After which the handsome prince and beautiful princess  live happily ever after, of course.  

That’s the formula that most childhood stories were made of. Its a great model destined to make for a very happy ending. So, where’s your prince, or princess? Haven’t found them yet?  Why not, don’t believe in fairy tales you say?

Hmmmm……………….seems to me that lots of people still do! And they aren’t looking in the top of the highest tower for their happiness.  So, where are they looking? The internet. Duh!

Come on, just look at the proliferation of internet dating sites such as eHarmony, for example. You can find your ‘true love’ by simply logging on. Only thing is sometimes internet dating is about as much fantasy as your favourite fairytale. Try reading between the lines in almost any chatroom or IM conversation. It goes something like this:

Miles, our 29-year-old dashing hero with blonde hair and blue eyes (aka Norman, a 15-year-old geek) : Yes, I’m independent. No woman has been able to tame me yet! But I’d let you try, chuckle, chuckle.”

Translation: I can’t get a date and my mother won’t let me stay out after 8:30 p.m.

Bambi, also 29, our princess, also with blonde hair and blue eyes (after all, doesn’t everyone online have blonde hair and blue eyes???), waiting to be rescued (aka Myrtle, a 49-year-old who doesn’t wear her age well at all, divorced mother of 3 teenagers) : “Giggle, giggle. Well, I’m just the woman to do it! No man has been able to resist me. I don’t have to work so I have plenty of time to spend with you!”

Translation: No man has ever been able to resist my nagging. I live off of my ex-husband and don’t work which gives me all the time in the world to nag you and get into all of your business.

Wow, depressing huh? So, does that mean that there is NO hope????? Of course not! Sometimes fairy tales do come true!  After all, I found my Prince Charming!

[Music begins to play softly in the background, as I ride off on the back of a beautiful stallion, hugging my Prince, waving, as my long blonde hair (and yes, blue eyes!!) flows gracefully in the wind.]

“May all of your wishes come true!” (just be careful what you wish for!!)


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