Patience is overrated!

The anticipation today is killing me. I can’t stand it! Its like being a kid at Christmas all over again.  I can feel the excitement bouncing all around me. The sights. The smells. The sounds. And its all only hours away. Tick tock. The clock tocks and ticks as though to mock me, tocking and ticking to go in reverse. The tension in my body mounts until I think I’m screaming. But wait, that’s only the voice inside of my head. (I can’t let others know I hear voices inside of my head. They might think I’m insane!)

But maybe I am insane? Could that be possible? Could I be losing my grip on reality? Two more hours to wait. The waiting is sending me right over the edge. My tenuous grip on reality is slipping away.  When will the scrapbooking show start?

“I am not crazy” I tell myself. ” I am NOT crazy” I repeat trying to convince myself. And then the little voice speaks to me again, loudly reverberating in my head, “Yes you are. You’re a scrapbooker!”

Check back later today for part two…….the saga continues!


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