Worth Waiting For!

Finally, at long last I made it to the scrapbooking show. As I pulled into the parking lot my heart raced with anticipation. I was able to control myself from flying into a complete frenzy by circling the parking lot again, and again and again as I scoured it, looking for a parking space. At long last, a space!

As we headed into the show (did I mention that my 6-year-old son, also a scrapbooker went with me?) we were immediately struck by one thing. NOBODY leaving was smiling.  “Oh, no!”, I thought. “Have I been mislead? Is this going to turn into a disaster?”

Inside we were met with the sights and sounds  sure to make the heart of any true scrapbooker skip a beat.  The only problem? So much stuff and so little money! As most who participate in the hobby know, scrapbooking can be very expensive. I was so pleased to see not only were there prices good but there were great bargains to be had everywhere.

“I won’t buy anything until I’ve looked around first,” I told myself. Well, that resolve fell by the wayside at the very first booth I stopped at.  A scrapbook for $5.00?  Not an ugly scrapbook but a really pretty cover including a space for a picture to be included. Oh my! I had to have one!

We shopped and shopped and shopped. My son, had great fun looking at all of the ‘doo dads’ to add to his pages.  And we admired the completed pages up at all of the booths as inspiration. However, at one point Christopher looked a nice lady running a booth and said “You stole my idea!” When she asked what he meant, he explained that the use of a semi-circle on the side of a page was his idea, and trying to soften his ‘strong words’ he added, “Well, maybe you didn’t steal it. But someone here did!” The two of them then had a very pleasant conversation about scrapbooking. Guess its not often that a 6-year-old is willing to share his scrapbooking design secrets!

At the end of the day (read end of the money) we trudged out to the car, weighted down with our bags filled with treasures.  Smiles on our faces we wondered aloud, ” So when is the next show? We can’t possibly wait a whole year!”


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