Ahhh, Halloween…the night that all of the little ghosts and ghouls flitter around and haunt the streets. Its the night that all little children dream about – hoarding their treasure (a.k.a. candy) close to their chests as they scurry anxiously home ready to devour their delicious haul.  Its a scene repeated in cities large and small across the country.

But first, before the trick-or-treating there is always an intense discussion as the child decides upon the perfect costume.  Should it be scary? Should it be cute? (Now there’s the difference between boys and girls!). Who is the favourite superhero today? Or tv character? Some kids start this discussion as they munch on the candy they just collected.

But not in our house this year. Our six-year-old was adament that he wasn’t going trick-or treating. When pushed, he would concede, “well, maybe I’ll think about it later”. This was an odd turn of events! What could have happened?

Well, it seems his first-grade teacher had told the class about a horrifying incident that had occurred when she was a child trick-or-treating.  A crazy lady shot the ear of boy in her group.  We could see this haunting our poor little boy. No matter how we reassured him that Mom and Dad would be there to protect him, he just wouldn’t budge.

What a crazy scene it must have been as we stood in the store practically pushing him to pick a costume. Parents passed us looking in amazement. Wasn’t this scene flip-flopped? What absolute relief when he ‘settled’ on a pirate costume. Tonight he’ll be the cutest Captain Jack Sparrow on the planet!

The only haunting that will be going on in our son’s life tonight will be eager young children as they prowl the treats!


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