Why Do We Only Wait For the ‘Big Things’

The holidays are coming and so we start to think about home and family, filled with fuzzy feelings of love and wonderful reminiscences about ‘the good old days’.  And Thanksgiving we’ll gather around the dinner table, groaning with delectible treats, and tell what we are thankful for.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day will find us misty-eyed as we open our presents and think about those who couldn’t be home for Christmas. Just as soon as the last shred of wrapping paper has been ripped away we’ll run to the phone to share our holiday with family and friends across the country and around the world. There will be so many “I love you’s” said as tears are shed.

But why do you wait only for the big things?

When was the last time you gave your child a hug and said, “I’m proud of you.” Or ,”I love you”.  Or, “I’m so glad you’re my kid”. Or, “Wow, I’m so lucky to have you in my life!”.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s try something. Take a moment and walk away from your computer to look out your window. What do you see? Gorgeous clear blue skys? Wispy white clouds lazily gliding across the sky? Heavy grey clouds ominiously haning overhead? Whatever the sky looks like capture that wonderful emotion it brings with it. Blue skies that make you want to run and play. Wispy clouds that morph into various shapes as they float along. Rain-laden clouds that inspire you to heat up the kettle and put on fuzzy old socks as you antipicate a steaming cup of hot chocolate, over-stuffed with marshmallows.

Now, when you pick up your child from school, or they totter out to see you after a nap, or wake you up in the middle of the night scared by a bad dream, find that delicious emotion hiding just under the surface. As you look into their face smeared with dirt remember what it was like to run and play as a child. Isn’t today the day to play again? Or as you look at their eyes, brimming with ‘sleep’ give them a hug and feel the warmth of their skin. And as you look at their scared face, interrupting your slumber think back to when you were younger and how scary the smallest things could be. How old were you when you quit running and jumping on your bed so that the ‘boogey man’ hiding underneath the bed wouldn’t grab your leg and pull you under? (Admit it, you don’t let arms and legs dangle over even now just in case they get grabbed during the night).

And hug your child and tell them they are special. Tell them you love them. Tell them that you are thankful for them. Don’t just tell them you understand. Show them. Let them see the little kid in you.

What’s one of the warmest memories you have from your childhood? I bet its not a ‘big thing’. Its probably a little thing, like the smell of your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, or your freshly laundered bedsheets.

Embrace the little things each day. Live. Laugh. Love.


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