Awards Day

Its hard to believe its the end of the first quarter already.  Today was awards day for the children. Rows and rows of smiling, anxious faces  sitting in their chairs, anxiously awaiting the calling of names.  Legs swinging back and forth, as they fidget and squirm. Its so hard to sit still when you’re still so young. So many things to run and explore. To giggle and share secrets is tempting but then they glance over and see the intent stare of their teacher and behind her the principal looms. School assembly hardly seems the place to get in trouble. Especially with parents seated just a few rows behind.

The hum of conversation is muted as parents sit, just as anxiously, waiting to hear the name of their little one called. And one by one, the first grade class is called up. Expectional Bible Verse Studies.  Math Excellence. Outstanding Reader. The children beam as their names are called and stand in a row, holding their certificates, some upside down, but all with pride.

“I earned this” their faces say. “I really did this!”. And then I hear it spoken. The name of my son. “Christopher – Outstanding Reader.” Instantly my heart swells to a bursting point and I fight back the inevitable tears I feel welling in my eyes.  Just one look at my son’s glowing face and I’ll cry for sure. But I can’t help it.

He’s a reader. That might sound silly but I’m a ‘reader’ too.  A chronic, compulsive reader. If its in front of me I have to read it.  He’d left signs that he was a reader all over our home.  Books on the bathroom counter. On the couch. On a chair or countertop. Everywhere. And I am thrilled. Reading is the foundation for everything. A love of reading can take you anywhere! And you can learn anything. Absolutely anything with books at your fingertips. 

My son is a reader I say again to myself as I leave the assembly. Not just a reader. Outstanding.  And he truly is. I didn’t need a certificate to tell me that. I can read it on his heart.


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