All Is Right With the World

We all have problems. Life is full of them. Sometimes it seems like they are all closing in around you but when you take a step back and appreciate the things around you its easy to realize how good life really is and how lucky we all are.

Now is the time of year that people are so focused on Thanksgiving. So why do they forget to give thanks every other day of the year? Turkey and stuffing is nice but that’s not what life is all about. “But my family is all gathered ’round at this time of year,” is offered as one explanation.

Having those you love near is always nice but in this century with cell phones, internet, video conferencing they don’t have to seem as far away. I’ll grant you there’s nothing like a hug when you need (or want) one, and a kiss can sooth away so many problems. But shouldn’t you be grateful every day to have your family with you? What guarantee do you have that tomorrow will bring another day? Live today. Love today. Appreciate today.

I was up most of the night last night stressing over things I couldn’t change at 3:00 a.m. Things that will all resolve themselves. And what did I really do? I lost sleep. And today?  The sun is shining and I hear the laughter of children as my son plays outside with a friend. All is right with the world and for that I give thanks to God. Today. Tomorrow. And every day.


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  1. Nice post. We are to be thankful “in all circumstances” everyday.

    Many Blessings,
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha (S)

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