The Story of the Green Blanket

Yesterday my son had a friend over to play. With the great weather it seemed the perfect plan to suggest a picnic. They loved the idea! So, out came the green blanket for them to lounge on while they ate and shared secrets and made up stories for each other.

It wasn’t until later when I casually tossed the green blanket into the perpetual pile of wash that I really thought about the green blanket. This had been a gift to me for my birthday a million years and a lifetime ago, but sometimes it seems just like yesterday. My 18th birthday, I think it was. A gift from my best friend in high school. She had worked diligently on it, hand-crocheting it between classes and dates to give to me. 

At first the blanket stayed on my bed and was great for snuggling under when I was reading or studying.  And later, when I moved from a twin bed to a queen-sized bed, it was relegated to the linen closet to be pulled out on cold winter nights for snuggling under on the couch while reading, watching tv or holding a baby.

That blanket has been through a lot of things. Not always treated with care but always there when I need it. Its been wrapped around the bottom of my Christmas tree when I couldn’t afford a tree skirt. Its kept sick children warm and been tossed over the back of an old couch that had seen better days, covering its imperfections. The blanket has cushioned breakables in the trunk of the car and hidden Christmas presents from peering eyes.

Friends have come and gone. Children have grown up and even had children themselves. I’ve moved house numerous times and even trekked across country to raise my family. I’ve seen birthdays come and go, changed jobs, switched careers and found the love of my life…and always the blanket has been there.

I lost touch with my friend, Cindy, who made the blanket after I moved across country and we both started having families. But a year or so ago, I looked her up online. She was still living in the same house, with the same husband. And she was still there for me – just like the blanket she made for me so many years ago.


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