Christmas in November?

Something is terribly wrong. Baking and preparing for Thanksgiving is now accompanied by a million commercials for Christmas. Not just ‘shop the day after commercials’ but ads for products.  And these ads didn’t just start today, they have been running for weeks.

Since when did Christmas get moved?  Now, I don’t believe that Christmas should be as commercialized as it is, not commercialized at all actually, but at least before we got past the Thanksgiving holiday before Christmas sprang on to the scene.

I tried to buy Thanksgiving themed paper plates and napkins a week ago and couldn’t find any.  Why? It was all Christmas.  And Christmas decorations went up along side Halloween. Ummm……what’s wrong with that?

And before anything thinks I’m a grinch, let’s be perfectly clear – I start thinking, plotting and planning Christmas presents (I try and make a lot of mine – gifts from the heart) Christmas afternoon after the last present has been opened and the gift wrap is in the trash. For me its about giving a gift that means something. Something that hopefully will be cherished for a lifetime. Something that will touch the heart.

But I don’t understand my neighbors having ALL of their Christmas decorations up. I drove home last night to see 2 Christmas trees lit up in house windows. Is it a competition now? What has happened to Christmas?

And saddest of all to me is that “Christmas” as seen all around us now lacks the most important ingredient – Christ. Try keeping that spirit of love and belief in your heart all year round, then maybe the rest won’t seem as important. The twinkle of lights replaced by good deeds and stacks of presents replaced by a true belief and living your life dedicated to God. Then I won’t complain about Christmas coming too early…then you should celebrate the true spirit of Christmas all year round.


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