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A funny thing happened on the way to the airport…

We’ve probably all heard the lyrics, “It never rains in California” and this year that was almost true.  Southern California set a new record for historic low rainfall.

And you’d have to live in Southern California to appreciate “Storm Watch”. The local affiliate stations go into overdrive reporting on rain that in other parts of the country would get only a passing comment. Reports come from any corner where ‘flooding’ occurs. It doesn’t matter that it would flood in those spots due to poor design with only a fraction of an inch or rain. 

We all have to watch the obligatory reports with reporters in their company-issued raincoats hiding under oversized hats or umbrellas talk excitedly into the camera as cars pass by in the background splashing water.

This is the second Friday with rain in Southern California. Someone must have done a rain dance. Oh wait, someone did say a rain prayer in Georgia. Maybe this is spill over from that. Thank you, Georgia, for saying that prayer, we needed the rain here too.

Last Friday when it rained I headed out to take my son to school. Dodging raindrops it wasn’t enough to justify an umbrella but I did need to run the windshield wipers. That’s when it happened.  I couldn’t remember how to turn them on.

Now, in my defense, we’ve only had the car about a year and with the rain patterns in Southern California we don’t get much need to run them but at that exact moment I was feeling pretty foolish. I thought for my own sake I probably shouldn’t share this information with others. A terrible blonde moment!

So, later, when we’re driving to the airport for my husband to catch a flight I noticed with amusement that he was fumbling with the wipers trying to get them to work. Now this is a smart man, not baffled by technology. Suddenly I felt sooooo much better. So good in fact that I shared our common problem. Together we shared a good laugh. Guess we’d better keep the owner’s handbook handy!