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Boo: The Scaredy Halloweenie Cat

Boo, the little black cat, poked her head around the corner of the barn. The night was dark and spooky. Winds howled.  The moon hid behind some clouds.

Boo trembled.

“Hissss”, said the snake in the yard.

Boo tiptoed forward. It was just a garden hose spitting water.

“Caw, caw,” cackled from the top of a tree. A dark shape swooped down.

Boo trembled.

Swoosh. Something flew past, scooping up a treat to eat.  It was only a bird.

Boo trembled, as she dashed into the house.

“Boo!” Emilie said, as she picked her up. “Boo! My little scaredy halloweenie cat!”


And that was my entry for a fun Halloween writing contest. 100 words (Yes, or 101) and making perfect use of the words cackle (or some other variation) black cat and spooky.